Relativistic Fly-By showing Terrel Rotation (sample Backlight output).

The camera is flying past the objects in the scene right to left at the velocities shown in the left column. When the camera is opposite the sphere, the picture is snapped. The doppler and searchlight effects are discounted. The accompanying Boxes&Sphere animation shows the camera flying past the objects at a different velocity in each frame, beginning at rest and reaching 0.9999999999c in 14 frames. It then slows down for a total of 28 frames, and begins again.


Velocity Sphere
Animations: (AVI) (MOV)
Boxes & Sphere
Animations: (AVI) (MOV)

V = 0.0 c

Note that in the rest-frame the groundplane is rectilinear, and the +'s are equally spaced about the sphere.

V = 0.866 c

Lorentz contraction = ~50%.

V = 0.99 c

+'s have apparently migrated from the back and poles to the equator.

V = 0.9999999999999 c

Terrel Rotation = ~90%.
The sphere outline is still round while the boxes are warped.
A little more migration is visible.